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Install A Flag Pole Bracket On Vinyl Siding

Posted by Blake Stoate

Attaching a flag pole bracket to vinyl siding is an easy home improvement project that will allow you to show your patriotism on your home. However, if you dont do it correctly its likely youll damage your siding. This project can be done in just a few minutes for under $20.

The easiest way to install a flag pole bracket (or hanging flower pot bracket or similar) is to screw the bracket to a vinyl siding surface mount block. The surface mount block has a profile routed out of the back so that it will fit the siding profile (see the photo).

The trick to successfully installing the bracket and surface mount block is to pre-drill holes in the siding. You want to drill a hole slightly larger than the screws youre going to use so that the siding can move as it expands and contracts due to temperature. If you skip this step the siding will buckle when it heats up under the summer sun.

This technique also works very well for attaching shutters to vinyl siding. Vinyl siding moves a LOT when it heats and cools throughout the year. If you put a screw right through the vinyl siding it will prevent the siding from moving and therefore cause it to buckle.

  • Pre-Drill Flag Pole Bracket To Mounting Braket This allows you the ability to pre-mark the siding.
  • Then I drilled a 1/4 diameter hole in the siding where each of the three screws would go.
  • Then its as simple as installing three long screws to attach the bracket and surface mount block at the same time.

Make sure you use screws that wont be so long that they hit some wires. So there you have it, a nice looking flag pole bracket installed on vinyl siding.

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  1. Little Woman Said,

    Dear Blake,

    We looked in Home Depot & Lowes, please tell me where to get a vinyl siding surface mount block so we can do the same thing! Can you post links where to buy one online? Help!

    Flag Poleless in PA

  2. John M Said,

    Try Menards, on line. I went to Lowes/HD not much of a selection.

  3. pearson Said,

    I love your blue grey siding. Who makes it and what color is that?

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